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With more than 25 years of event planning experience to draw upon, Kaleidoscope loves to design table settings that are unique and memorable. We're always scouring shops for antiques, vintage items, and whimsical touches---among our inventory favorites: silver lovebird salt-and-pepper shakers, Maddux of California horse head vases, hand-embroidered napkins, and more. Did we mention we love fabric stores? We make many of our tablecloths with specialty fabrics, sought after to match our dishes just perfectly. Kaleidoscope is happy to design a custom table setting for you whether for a special event you are planning or for you to own and use every day.

Kaleidoscope can design a complete, custom table setting with your unique style or party theme in mind. 


Need help brainstorming table ideas for your parents' wedding anniversary or pirate-loving son's 6th birthday? Kaleidoscope loves to think outside the box! Contact us for help designing a table setting for any event you are planning. 


Have you inherited your mother's china and it's been stored for years, unused, in the hall closet or basement? Hire Kaleidoscope to transform it into a custom contemporary table setting that you'll delight in using every day! We'll peruse our inventory and resources of fabrics, glassware and table accessories to create a table setting you're sure to love. Your mother would be so pleased!


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